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3 Emerging Trends of Enterprise Content Management

By 25 marca 2020No Comments

Enterprise content management (ECM) is the process of managing unstructured information and documents, such as Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, scanned images and other similar file types.

There are generally similar goals and reasons for switching to enterprise content management systems, with many clients motivated by the increase of efficiency over a paper, or older electronic systems. This helps to streamline many of their day-to-day processes and ultimately saves a vast amount of time and resources.

Another reason that often prompts the switch is the desire to eliminate errors, or delays in work processes, with an additional benefit of an ECM system being that it helps to reduce risk by having a reliable and secure content management system. So what are the current trends in the ECM world that are being used to help clients achieve these goals?

Trend 1: Integrating an enterprise content management system with other business applications

In an ideal scenario, your ECM system can be linked to other business applications, such as human resource management, or customer relationship management applications, which can greatly increase collaboration of data and records within an organization.

By allowing documents and files to be shared easily and consistently around an organization, all users can contribute to ensuring that content is reliable and up-to-date. Some of the leading ECM systems can now offer this process in a seamless manner and if you are able to implement it for your business you are sure to see a rise in efficiency.

Trend 2: Having an enterprise content management system that supports remote access

As businesses and organizations begin to utilize remote access at an larger large frequency, the demand for an ECM system to help facilitate this has become much larger in recent years. As a result, many of the most recent and innovative ECM solutions are able to provide remote access support for many devices, from smartphones through to tablets and laptops.

Trend 3: A customizable user interface for different profiles

The last of the three trends that are very popular at the moment is having a customizable user interface for different staff profiles. While this may seem like a fairly trivial trend on the outset, it can actually be incredibly useful to configure the design of the interface depending on the user role or individual.

One benefit of this is it that it allows you to have an added layer of customizability, allowing users to save time and have more advanced processes simplified into an intuitive and easily understandable design. This cuts down on the amount of training required, while also making it far easier for staff to transition to newer systems.

As ECM systems look set to continue their rapid rise, by taking note of these three emerging you will be able to see what a new enterprise content management system can offer your business, and whether it is time for an upgrade.

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