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Entrepreneurs – Why You Need to Adopt Right-Brained Strategies for Your Business

By 29 marca 2020No Comments

As an entrepreneur, you probably already use more of the creative right side of your brain. However, there have been people over the decades who have argued that a businessperson should rely more on their logical left side if they want to be successful.

New Thinking

Perhaps the shift in the world’s perception of what it takes to be successful in the marketplace has been spurred by the need for businesses to somehow separate themselves from their competition. As the world has become more homogenized, it has become harder for businesses to stand out from the crowd, and the best way to do that is to come up with an inventive new strategy.

Much of that new thinking was brought about by the massive outsourcing of services to overseas suppliers. As industry gets more automated and cheap labor is sought overseas, American companies have had to shift their focus if they wanted to survive. In a strange turn of events, large companies have been borrowing a page from the playbook of small companies, realizing that they can’t compete by economy of scale when the overseas deck is stacked against them. In the past few years, those huge companies have begun to sound like small ones, emphasizing their compassion for their employees and their ability to see the larger picture beyond short term profits.

To carry off such a radically new (for big business, anyway) strategy will require a great deal of creative right-brain thinking as large companies try to reconnect with their customers in a new way. Small business owners have long used this strategy as their main way to compete with their huge competitors, but now it’s big American companies that find themselves being threatened in an increasingly global economy.

American Companies

We’re talking about survival here. Either American companies position themselves in a strong new way or they won’t survive. It’s that simple. Customers have infinitely more options today, so serving them and letting them know that you care are crucial to winning them over–and keeping them from going to the competition.

Of course, being a successful businessperson requires a strong balance of right and left brain functions. You’ve got to attract and keep customers, but you also have to manage your business wisely, as well. It takes a well-balanced approach in order to stay in business these days–whether you’re a single-person operation or a giant corporation. So don’t be afraid to let your right brain run free from time to time. You just may come up with a creative idea that will logically help strengthen your company’s bottom line.

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