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Free Enterprise Day 2010

By 24 marca 2020No Comments

Free Enterprise is not a new word anymore. But still, not many people/organizations celebrate Free Enterprise.

I had an opportunity to witness one of the purest form of Free Enterprise by BWW on 19th of December 2010. I saw free people there. People who lived the life in real sense.

For a decent lifestyle, when we think at the basics, I believe, this is what we need:

  • A decent amount of money
  • Balanced relationships
  • Spiritual Awareness and religious balance
  • Good Health
  • Decent status in the society and community service

Even a so called non-ambitious person will wish for the list above to live the life correctly.

Now, the question arises, how many people we know of have the combination of above mentioned things?

For me, the answer is none!

One or the other thing is missing in the lives of people I know. What I want is a life with everything?

I want my kids to see us (their parents) as a role model and of course they have to live a complete life first!

I got moved when I saw around 15-20 people speaking from the stage had all the things mentioned above. The most touching part was that it was very much obvious they were speaking from the bottom of their hearts. No fake business!

They all were a part of the Free Enterprise, and they had come to teach a group of round 20,000 people that this was possible for them too. Very ordinary people coming from various classes of income and from variety of professions had achieved personal freedom and were enjoying that. The genuineness in the voice and their behavior is really rare. I have not met even a single person outside the enterprise who has such a helping attitude. The values they talked about were mind-blowing.

They talked about family, they talked about freedom, they talked about hope and they also talked about rewards!

This is what everybody in the world is entitled to. Every one deserves it and that is what Free Enterprise is all about!

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