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(From the Epic of Gilgamesh, and the Book of Enoch) The Passing of Enkidu

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No human foot, henceforward had approached the grizzled half-human looking beast!

And if so, if some had seen him, by what name would they have called him by, other than freak or beast? He had none.

No one had previously sought him out, it would be in time said: the gods sent him.

Whereupon one morn, a young lad was searching the forest for fruit, and came upon this freak of nature –

The adolescent stood stone-still, like white marble, stunned as a white tomb of salt –

Hence, he did not murmur a word, a breath, but ran back home to tell his father of what he saw; and of what to said, he described a hairy ape looking demon of some un-descript humanity in him, thoughtful at that.

And the father told King Gilgamesh of Uruk, his boy’s story.

Explained his father to the King, „The boy looked baffled of what sort of human being he might be, and the forest being his whole home; he ate and drank like the animals, but had human agility, rigid, form.”

Enkidu’s home, was the forest, it sheltered him in silence from the outer world around him, a form of seclusion-

He lived and slept in the open air, likened to, and with the other beasts, and reptiles, primates.

He wandered more often than not by the lagoon he identified with, and its tributaries.

He roamed where he was most familiar, that had much vegetation, fern-pals, of the most unusual kind, and wide-leaved grasses.

The man-beast, yet unnamed, mainly was preoccupied with clarifying and assorting and recollections of the present.

For this, it was a more troublesome thing, than one might think.

His thoughts and sensations were curiously confused.

His mind went from gray to dark more often than not; from there to pitch black, to oblivion –

For it was that he simply awoke one day, likened to Adam from the Garden of Eden, and had no recollection of what took place ahead of time!

As if it was whipped from his memory, by some sorcery.

It is said, the gods made him to pal with Gilgamesh (demigod, more demonic than human), for he, King of Uruk, was amongst his people, a most hypersexual animal, a demigod who took at will wife and daughters of whomever he pleased and did with them whatever his pleasures were to be for that day or night.

His father being Lugalbanda (Little Lord).

Guardian and deity of Uruk (born from the souls of pleasure, whom were thrown to earth from the crags of heaven).

It was also said, the likes of one of the Watchers (like Azaz’el or Semyaza) those angelic renegades who cohabitated with human females in those pre-flood cadaverous days gave birth to a she-devil, who cohabited with a male, and gave birth to Enkidu.

Then left the babe in the forest deep, with imps to feed him and watch over him in his sleep, to his manhood.

And thus, this is how he got his supernatural physique, akin to Gilgamesh’s height and strength; but only a tenth of what Humbaba was.

But who were those Angelic Renegades and so called watchers?

(Interlude: It is indeed strange, the Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Shamhat, and the Angelic Renegades-from the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha-these writings should have fallen more speedily into the hands of posterity, but rather fell into semi-oblivion into a somewhat flowery romantic style, but now, in spite of their range and penetration, I take them out of their pervasive verbal sorcery, and take them out of unaccountability:

Who were these archangels, seraphs, and seraphim, Watchers of Earth, who swept through the earth like gravitational waves?

Who traversed the warp of time?

Leaped through black holes to haunt earth, and became souls of pleasure.

Who radiated pure energy once, as if having inside of them the mass of a star!

Who were not subject to the ripples in the fabric of space and time, produced by interstellar violent events! Propagated at the speed of light…

They we God’s castaways, cast-outs; those reckless fallen angels, those exiled from heaven for treason; who gave earth giant sons… hybrid demigods?)

Enkidu, the man-beast, also called 'The Wild One’, lifted his head a tinge, when he’d drink from the lagoon’s stream.

Scan the principles, and topography with his peripheral vision, to see if there were any apposing predators –

With prodigious effort he stood erect, too often stooped much in the forest, therefore it was trying at times to arch his back.

He was friend to all the forest, gleaming and enormous was his appearance: he lived among the matted creepers, the venomous serpents, and dire beasts: the animals lured him evermore, yet he had a mystery of some infinitude.

He dreamt of flowers fairer, of trees high and stately.

He loved the forest with a strange and fearful adoration.

And for the most part, humans avoided this perilous wooded area of the forest: thus, he knew none.

No one drew near to the edge of the forbidden section, where the monstrous Humbaba was, saying his heart beat was like thunderous drums.

Not even Enkidu.

Enkidu 'The Wild One’ slept by the verge of ancient trees in the Cedar Forest, also home to the monstrous Humbaba, guardian for the angelic renegades, and demigods; but Enkidu kept his distance-

He was well aware of his deep and green shadow and his thunderous roar.

Thus, he stayed with the fretted ferns, played with the lovely shaped fall leaves, and the many butterflies.

Too, the emerald and scarlet birds.

Even he’d step further and further into the emerald gloom, yet he feared only Humbaba, and never stepped beyond-a certain point, not yet.

Happy was his soul, unknowing of civilization, or the human female.

In a childlike manner, and mind, he picked many flowers, smelt the inebriating perfumes.

And then one day Shamhat, 'The Joyous One’ appeared all sprawled out on the grass by the lagoon, naked.

Her beauty, the likes of Aphrodite, sent by Gilgamesh to entice and civilize him, to be his pal, for Gilgamesh had no equal.

Shamhat, well-endowed, priestess of Ishtar from Uruk, enticed him from the lagoon, to her side.

And she taught him different and unfamiliar things.

And he lost himself to her amongst the trees and beasts.

And they participated in a seven day sexual odyssey, to which he had been wrenched body and soul.

Put into a long dreamy sleep.

When he came out of his slumber, dog-tired, he found his life beyond retrieving.

His old life was somehow unreal and remote.

He was very weak and wobbly, looking for eatable fruit.

In brief, when he made love to Shamhat, his body was stiff and hard, and his heart throbbing like fire.

He felt light headed, and thereafter, limp, just what happed?

He was puzzled, dazed in a feeble state.

For his particular remained stiff as a stump of a tree, and he engaged in coitus for seven days, without rest.

It was all like a heavy wave, without much of a break.

And the animal in him was tamed.

And the trees grew lighter, and his animal friends wandered off, they knew him not.

And he was drowsy and dizzy, and he no longer rose to the sun, or allowed it to wake him.

And his old life faded, sank down to an everlasting naught.

And Shamhat achieved her plot, and allotment.


Those so called renegades, Watchers, Fallen Angels, came down from the fathomless deeps of time and space –

Not originally to stomp themselves on the face of humankind but to watch over them.

They like Enkidu, were lulled into power, vanity, and pride and at the end lust.

In so doing, stomped on humanity as they pleases because they could;

And those prehumen demonic forces, were reinforced to do likewise!

And thus came diabolism.

And long since has it been since this took place.

And those who have survived God’s fury, long since have grown silent, for a time being.

And for man today I know not their thoughts for him, but I do know they know, their time grows short.

How many remain, only Satan their godfather knows, other than God himself.

And Satan the Great Dragon, will summon them forth into time, anon.

There will be no more stillness here on earth, and if there should be, it will be false.

Satan knowing that time is brief, what he has planned to do, will do.

This is why I have written this account, the undoing of Enkidu, is as we see, the undoing of the present day world, and America to boot.

And it will be done in front of our faces, to mock God: like Sodom and Gomorra, like Radical Islam, like those whom all they have is indifference to their neighbor and similar –

And now I must make an end, and fling this writing forth to drift upon the wave of time, and let it fall between shadows to shadow.

Written 6-15 & 16 -2016 (#5278)

Note: in the past twenty-five years the author has read three different accounts, translations, of the Epic of Gilgamesh, and this is his view only of a certain section within the Great Epic, written in stone fragments about 1700 B.C., and the happening about 2750 B.C. The Epic itself is considered the 4th greatest story ever written down, to which even surpasses 'The Book of Job’ (the story goes back to about 2200 B.C.) and 'The Iliad and Odyssey’ (the Trojan War being about 1250 B.C., and the Epic being written down about 800 B.C.) The author has taken insights from the Epic of Gilgamesh, and the 'Book of Enoch,’ (written down about 200 B.C. 7th from Adam, Adam going back to about 8700 B.C. thereabouts according to Jewish lore?) to tell his story, „The Passing of Enkidu” with its 'Afterthoughts’ for mankind today, or modern man.

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