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Hotels and the Businessman

By 29 marca 2020No Comments

Those who travel for business are a different breed of traveler than those who do for the leisure of it. Business travelers often expect a higher standard of facilities during their travels than do ordinary travelers. They are there to work and they will not settle for ordinary service. And since business travelers form a major bulk of travelers each year, hotels have evolved to suit their precise needs. Here is a list of some of the best hotels for business professionals.

Hyatt Hotels:

The primary and pivotal need for any business traveler is access to the internet. Being connected at all times is essential. Now you might be wondering 'don't all hotels provide this service?' They do but whether it's free is another matter. What sets aside Hyatt Hotels is their high speed, reliable Wi-Fi service that is available in all rooms and public spaces. And the best part is that it's free since the beginning of February of 2015. Most other hotels do provide this facility but it usually costs; even where it is free (the basic service), the faster and reliable service has to be paid for. The quality of internet matters and Hyatt leads in this category.

Virgin Hotel, Downtown Chicago:

Virgin America has a knack for knowing exactly what their customers want. Their trendy and unique airline lounges are famous among passengers and with their debut hotel in Chicago, they have gone a step further in satisfying their clientele. This hotel is designed specifically to accommodate how business travelers work. It has designed its bed so you can work in it comfortably and they provide a shuttle service to your business meetings so that you arrive on time and in class onboard a Tesla Model S.


Their website speaks of them providing 'affordable luxury' in some of the most exciting cities of the world with free Wi-Fi, XL beds and movies coming as a standard. It is true that these hotels have a homely feel about them. The one in NYC has transformed the typical sterile hotel lobby into a space which has a comfortable living room aura filled with cozy couches and communal tables. It does make you feel welcome, we'll give them that.

Kimpton Hotels:

This hotel is unique because it places an emphasis on fitness – by providing free yoga mats in every room. Not every business traveler will want to make their way to the fitness room after a weary day of meetings. So Kimpton bought an integral part of the fitness room to them and they can no exercise a little in their room. It's a small touch but one that leaves an impression.

Ace Hotels:

With the startup culture amassing more strength every day, it would only be a matter of time until someone began catering to that particular economy. The Ace Hotel's beautifully designed lobby is made for entrepreneurial minded peers to mingle and interacts and you're likely to find someone there who'd be interested in listening to your startup idea.

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