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Mastery of Detail – Leadership Attributes That Are Critical to Your Success in Business

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Mastery of detail may seem very complicated, but it is a key leadership quality that you must develop. Your choice is to either master the detail or let the detail master you. Napoleon Hill’s „Think and Grow Rich” discusses this as one of the eleven critical attributes in leadership development. If we were 200 miles apart and we started walking towards each other, only you were 1 degree off target. You may say that is only off by a degree no big deal, but I say we would never end up in the same location.

If you are lacking the leadership quality of controlling the detail, then you better get a right hand person to handle that task. A businessperson will fail in the long run if he or she always overlooked the minute details. The big picture is normally easier to handle overall, but when you get down to the nitty-gritty of the situation. If you fail in certain aspect of the task at hand could be the difference between continuing on as the leader or being discarded to the wayside.

For example if you have the following 4 step system in place to sell a product.

1. Generate Lead using different marketing strategies

2. Have a discussion with potential business partner

3. Invite potential business partner to get the information needed to make discussion

4. Follow-up for final decision

You will fail in this model if you had no leads to call a major detail. You might be a little successful if you only did only 1 to 3. The minor detail is the follow-up, but yet that is the difference between being truly successful and just getting lucky every once in a while. The leader who masters the details in a business transaction will truly have more success then the one who just wings it. For instance if your client is a vegan, but you order a meat entree for lunch that little detail might be the difference between keeping or losing that person as your client. You must either be the person with the upper hand on the detail or hire someone who can. We live in a society where you have a choice as to who will be your leader.

There are two kinds of leadership, leadership by consent and leadership by force. When you look at history at any civilization with leadership by force you see that it did not last. The best leadership style is leadership by consent, if people like what you stand for and believes in your ideals they might be more incline to follow you. As a leader you are being assessed and re-assess throughout your whole tenure as the one in charge. Your followers might not follow you if do not handle all the requirements in your tenure as the leader.

Mastery of detail as I described above is very crucial in building a successful career in business. I have written articles on the only nine of the leadership attributes so far, I will discuss the final two attributes in upcoming articles: willingness to assume responsibility and cooperation.

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