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Omnilife Review – Does The MLM Hold Up To Others In Their Field?

By 30 marca 2020No Comments

Omnilife is a company that has proven to the MLM community that they are here to stay. Based in Mexico and created in 1991, Omnilife was founded by Jose Vergara, a businessperson who is responsible for growing Omnilife into a formidable global presence in just 20 years.

Omnilife is similar to Herbalife, which also sells nature-based weight loss, personal care, and health products. Starting with one company, it has branched out to become a group of 19 companies. Present in over 22 companies, it also has well over 5M independent distributors around the globe actively selling Omnilife products. With the company almost hitting the $1B mark for sales in the recent years, it has proven to its competitors that it is definitely a company that means business.

Clearly, for a company to survive for more than 20 years, it needs to have products that people actually want and use. Omnilife has worked hard to create personal health products and innovate on their current product offerings. Every year, it releases new and better products that complement the brand’s overall thrust of health and wellness. Because it hires the best and the brightest, it has secured its place as one of the industry heavyweights in the market.

You will find that a lot of the Omnilife products are capsules, powdered shakes, creams, gels, and many more. Aside from weight loss products, they also sell colon cleansing, beauty, and energy products. The great thing about Omnilife is that it not only sells all-natural products, but it also teaches their independent distributors to coach their clients in achieving their fitness goals.

Once you become part of the family, you become part of a global network of independent distributors. Not just that, most independent distributors also find that it does not cost a lot of money to become a distributor.

Omnilife’s compensation plan is simple and very different from other networking companies. It focuses on recruiting and direct selling, and does not complicate it very much for the users. From their point of view, marketing and direct selling is hard enough so the compensation plan must be as simple as possible.

If you want to earn money from Omnilife immediately, you can do so by direct selling. You begin with 20% discount and as you go higher up the distributor ladder, you can eventually reach the largest discount of 40%. You can also choose to build your distribution network, which will allow you to gain passive income if you do not want to actively sell products. For high level members, Omnilife will allow you to get lifetime royalties. Your growth and the amount you make are directly tied with your retail sales volume and the number of your recruits.

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