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Perma-Grime Hands

By 30 marca 2020No Comments

Someone you know has perma-grime hands. They are always getting into something, making a mess, digging into a project and getting dirty. They do things that always put grime, whether visible or not, on their hands. This might be kids using a shared toy or a businessperson opening the door at their 4,000 employee office building. Whatever the case, they have perma-grime. So what can be done about germ covered, Perma-Grime Hands?

What NOT to do

Do NOT just let it go. Do NOT just assume that the immune system can fight germs all on its own with no help. And please, please, please, do NOT let this person put their hands in their mouth, eyes, nose, ears, or any other part of the body that will allow germs to get into their system. The fact is, essentially all cold, flu, and many other viruses, enter the body through one of these orifices. Do NOT think you are safe from germs.

What TO do

This is the easy part. Really! All you have to do is look for the word „antibacterial” or „antimicrobial”.  That’s it! Antibacterial products are products designed to take the germs off of a surface. There are short-term antibacterials and longer-term antibacterials. Short-term germ-fighting products include those containing alcohols, chlorine, and peroxides. These are usually found in household cleaners, but can also be found in hand sanitizers. Long term products include fluorides and other antibacterial agents, which can protect from germs for hours after use.

Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is suggested by the Centers for Disease Control as a method to reduce the risk of colds, flus, and especially swine flu. Antibacterial hand gel is one form of hand sanitizer, while hand sanitizer can also be found in a convenient spray bottle. Spray bottle hand sanitizer works great for people who don’t find themselves near sinks often, or who can’t take the time to have gel applied to their hands and rub it in (insert children’s names here).

Hand soap is another important thing to consider when fighting germs on perma-grime hands. Antibacterial hand soaps can include the ingredients above as well as triclosan, tetrasodium, and chloroxylenol, which work as antibacterial as well as deodorizing agents.

Don’t be content to just have perma-grime hands. Go out and do something about it! Make your hands germ free with an antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer, and change perma-grime to perma-shine!

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