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Sold To The Businessman In a Cold Sweat – Says The Business Coach

By 29 marca 2020No Comments

One of my favorite film franchises of all time is Christopher Nolan's Batman.

I never was into comics. But the "Dark Knight" trilogy really got me into Super Hero films. The way Nolan fit these characters into a realistic and believable "world" was second-to-none.

And funnily enough, one character in it reminds me of all the self-proclaimed business egg-sperts out there.

(You know, the ones who are trying to get you and other business people to spend tens of thousands on hiring them as a marketing coach / mentor …)

That character being Dr Crane. Also known as the "Scarecrow".

So why is this?

Well …

For example, Dr Crane's an intelligent man who, using his position of perceived authority, preys on the weak.

Now I'll give the egg-sperts the benefit of the doubt when I say it's highly unlikely they carry gas dispensers full of dangerous toxins up their sleeves. So they're not quite as bad as the Scarecrow in this regard …

But what they do do, is prey on people who are trying to make more money. They do this by persuading them that all they've got to do to make more, is put thousands of pounds down on the table to hire them as a coach; only for the egg-spert to then simply fill their new client's head with a load of rubbish theory instead of hard practical teaching.

Plus, have you noticed they never offer money back guarantees. Their excuse is, "By not having the chance to claim your money back, you're gonna absolutely make sure you do the required work."

Yet to me, not offering a money back guarantee is another way of saying, "I'm not confident I'll be able to help you, but I'll take your money anyway."

Basically, they sell "hope".

And even though it's effective in the short term because people do actually hire these egg-sperts, I personally hate it because it's highly unethical. And it won't be long before word gets out that their coaching's a waste of money …

Brand reputation down the drain.

Dr Crane also reminds me of the egg-sperts when he's playing the role as judge in court in "The Dark Knight Rises".

When he says, "Sold, to the man in a cold sweat" actually made me think this is exactly what goes through an egg-spert's head when they sell a coaching package to a new client.

It links in to my previous point about them preying on people who want to make quick money. They can spot entrepreneurs and marketers in a "cold sweat" from a mile off. And when they do, they simply sell on the "hope" of making a lot of money …

Even if what they offer won't actually help in the slightest.

Now listen:

That's not to say there aren't any good coaches out there.

In fact, there are some great ones.

It's just about making sure you do actually find a great one, rather than a "Scarecrow".

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