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The Genuine Businessman – Capitalism and Industrialism at Its Finest

By 29 marca 2020No Comments

Are there any genuine businessmen in the world today? The rest of this article will answer this question. What is the genuine businessman, an ultimate capitalist. I think so and I know so. I shall take the rest of the article to tell why this is, read on: Indeed, at the most basic level, you need capital to start a business, even when regulated or semi-regulated, no regulatory body can evade that honesty, no matter how „godlike” or stately. Time, capital, honesty and hard, strong integrated work are needed to start a business. So, I ask again from that direct basis, are there any genuine businessmen in the world today? And if there is, what would I define him as? I would define him as an ultimate capitalist and self-seeker in every genuine sense. Not to the point of not serving others.

But serving others in the ultimate way, by creating values and producing values for all, including himself to fuel himself on. (Don’t be discomforted by the use of the male adjective, this refers to women too, but I am doing this from a male point of view because I am male in this existence, have been male all of my life in this life, and I cannot relate rationally to actually being a woman. But, just know that I know that women are equal human beings under existence and God.) Consider, personal capital, that is how all businesses start, from that basis. It all starts with personal capital with the professional working at the highest level, working from the standpoint of forming his own organization starting with his own idea whatever it may be, wherever it may be, whenever it is done. However, personal capital expands ultimately and rationally into universal capital. Ultimate personal capital is an idea and personal action, and ultimate universal capital is time and existence itself. So, think about what you want out of life from that basic level, personal capital all the way up to universal capital, the highest level and visualize and map out the end result you want. It is that simple, but the actions are not, I shall explain this in the next paragraph.

Think about things in a different way than you have all your life first of all, „force” yourself to jump from an analog way of thinking to a digital way of thinking. Analog as in one dimensional. Digital as in not even two dimensional or even three dimensional, but para-dimensional and stressing each detail within all of the dimensions that you sense and feel. I put the word „force” into quotes to say, it all has to be made different through hard work and second-nature understanding ultimately from that hard work on a new way of thinking. As you broaden your dimensions and thinking, you automatically become more honest about the realities of the situations.

As you think more deeply, as well as broadly, old terms become something new and fresh, and can be integrated into ever more inventive valences and reality. Realistic thinking, is deep and broad, and ultimate realistic thinking is the deepest, broadest experience there can ever be in existence and life and it can be experienced forever.

So, what is industrialism? It is exactly what it describes, industriousness in every genuine way. If it wasn’t, work would not be required to create value, it would just be willed into reality with mysticism and nonsense. Only sense can genuinely exist in any genuine way, anyway. It stands to reason, that there is no other way but productive, proactive, yet creative reason to live by as a code of productive conduct. Honesty is as honesty does. There are creative ideas in genuine industrialism, but no pretending or destructive pretense. Business and industrialism are one in the same when done right.

Hard, honest work is the only way to be creative and create honest values; enjoyment, rest and rewards are natural results of this creation as cause and effect work. Nothing is ever all said and done, especially when action and existence are concerned. The nature of business is to do ever more, no matter what, no matter how in the most efficient, honest and logical manner. Indeed, existence exists, no matter what and it exists to do ever more with no laziness. Existence is the ultimate capital and industrialism is the ultimate business philosophy. Man is a creator, and each individual honest man is an honest creator. I did not say the creator, but a creator, each individual man. And the genuine businessman is the ultimate genuine creator, for he keeps himself busy in the most moral, honest way, creating value, trading it, selling it, and even enjoying it for himself. Indeed, the highest moral purpose in life for a cause is the creation of an effect. And if the rational genuine businessman is the cause, rational honest value is the ultimate effect.

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