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The Mystical Tibetan Dzi Beads

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All that is known is that these stone beads are covered with mystical patterns (eyes, strips) and are an important part of the Tibetan culture. To this day, Tibet and its culture are shrouded by mystique.

The meaning of the word Dzi corresponds to the meaning of the words „shine, brightness, and sharpness.” People in this part of China have always attached great importance to jewelry – jewelry is used as a way to show the status of a person, as well as it has great religious significance. Even the poorest families keep some beads as amulets.

The present religion in Tibet is Buddhism; however, it is believed that the beads came at a time when there was another religion in Tibet – Bon. This follows from the strange drawings on the beads, which point to shamanism and witchcraft. It is difficult to say anything for sure about Dzi beads, as Tibetan culture prohibits any archaeological expedition on its soil. Scientists have been talking about these beads for years due to a lack of documented evidence. We only know that they were used as amulets to boost power.

Tibetans believe that Dzi are of supernatural origin. There are many different stories and legends surrounding them. Their appearance is linked to ancient times, when demigods wore them as jewelry. Whenever Dzi got damaged, it was discarded, as it would lose its powers once damaged.

There are several stories about Dzi beads being insects. These stories tell that these beads were insects that lived in the earth, but they would turn to stone when they came in contact with a human hand. One story tells about a man who saw this insect in the mountains, and threw his hat to catch it. When he took off his hat, the insect turned into stone. These „insects” were sometimes found in the excrement of cattle or in the horns of dead animals. The insect theory is often used to explain why they are often found together – forming a kind of a „nest”. One legend states that even after the beads are dug out of the ground, they continue to move for some time.

Another legend states that they came out of a mountain. They flowed down this mountain’s slopes in streams. One angry woman threw a glance at the mountain, and their flow froze.

There’s also one modern story, which became a kind of „urban legend”. It states that all of the passengers on a bus would have perished in a road accident, if one of them was not carrying a bead.

All these stories confirm the belief that Dzi are magical and can protect their owners from trouble and disease. Traditional Tibet medicine uses powder from the intact (not broken) beads in a mixture with other magical substances, for the treatment of epilepsy.

The beautiful mystical Dzi beads seem to carry a very strong energy. It is believed that they protect against all types of failures, and bring prosperity, wealth and health to their holders. They vary depending on the type of luck that you want to attract.

These beads are often used by feng shui practitioners in combination with other amulets.

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