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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Ralph Lauren?

By 30 marca 2020No Comments

Successful entrepreneurs are known to have been inspired or are known to have learned something or the other from famous personalities. Whether it is another prosperous businessman who might be minting money or some popular celebrity, entrepreneurs might learn a lot of valuable things without even realizing it that can help them with their business. If we consider someone like Ralph Lauren, business owners might wonder what they could possibly learn about entrepreneurship from fashion designer who has his own a Polo clothing line.

Well, for starters Ralph Lauren is somewhat of an entrepreneur himself. As for entrepreneurs who are not having much success marketing their business, there is one particular thing they can learn from something Ralph Lauren did a while back. Ralph Lauren purchased the entire ad space in the iPad application of the New York Times, sometime during September, the previous year. This was quite an ingenious marketing campaign by Ralph Lauren because throughout September, his advertisements would pop up whenever users accessed the app.

Thus, Ralph Lauren ended up teaching entrepreneurs how the placement of advertisement in smartphone applications can act as a successful marketing campaign. Ad space can be conveniently and affordably purchased by any entrepreneur of today; all they need to do is contact the creator of the app.

Hence just like Ralph Lauren, business entrepreneurs can ideally attract their target audience with this convenient method of spreading their advertisements and there is not much effort involved. In comparison to the people who presently use computers, a more substantial of them are smartphone users. Thus, Ralph Lauren has taught entrepreneurs that while it might be important for them to market their business online; they should also set up a presence on mobile devices too. Entrepreneurs will be able to find numerous smartphone apps related to their business if they do enough research.

Considering the fact that this marketing campaign has been used by such a wealthy fashion designer, entrepreneurs might believe that it will be rather costly for them to try it out. However the fact is that if entrepreneurs want their advertisement to show up on a smartphone app, they will not really have to pay much to the app creator. In fact, people might already be posting their business advertisements to other sources at the same price. So why shouldn’t, they make use of such an effective marketing campaign that has been proven to work by a prosperous personality within the fashion industry.

Thus as far as increasing the amount of target traffic their business is presently attracting, following in the footsteps of Ralph Lauren and giving this marketing campaign a try can prove to be fruitful. The traditional sources of advertising have already lost their touch, and online advertising alone will not be as effective. Thus, entrepreneurs have ended up learning a lesson and a secret that will help them in their entrepreneurship venture from someone they least expected. Entrepreneurs have learned from Ralph Lauren how mobile devices can play a role in improving the prosperity of their business and increasing the scope of the audience they are targeting.

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